Out Of Tehran 

The aim of the project is to develop an online platform for recordings of regional music of Iran so that people from different place corners of the world can listen to these recordings, can buy each track or samples and use them in creative works with their consent, the next step will be archiving these recordings and preparing detailed documents and description of these recordings with help of an academic institution and a team of ethnomusicologists which itself can be material source of research on the music of Iran as well as a material source for education. Another aspect of this platform can be an initiative to encourage contemporary musicians and composers to work with these recordings and foster a dialogue and possible collaboration between regional musicians of Iran and them. We aim to document the contemporary practice and musical life of regional musicians of Iran, especially with regards to their relation to Tehran. Through this, we reflect on their social life at the contemporary time. We aim to present their musical practice both to city dwellers of Iran and to the musicians outside of Iran, in order to reinvigorate these musical traditions and give them a new life. The aim of this project, recording and documenting, is both to safeguard these musical traditions and also to support these musicians who mostly live in poor condition. Hopefully, through this project, we can facilitate a source of income for them.
We aim to record and prepare necessary documentation and description of musicians playing these recordings, history of their instruments, documents regarding the musical culture of that specific region.

All the cradit of “out of tehran” project belong to the House No.4 and Differntiaart.

Recording all music, videos and  interviews by Peter Pirhosseinloo


Master Safar-Ali Ramezani

Kamanche, Singer, Music Researcher

Date of birth: 1347/5/19
Education: studied two years program of Art at a university
Activities: Retired local education authority,
Instruments maker: making Setar, Tanbour, kamancheh, local instruments of Gilan province, Kareb, Naqareh, Nailabak, Kamancheh with 5 strings
Other professions: Music researcher, Kamancheh Player, Songwriter,Singer, Poet

Master Mohamad Reza Navazande Eshghi

Zarb, Dayere, Tempo, Daf, Naghare

Son of master Azizkhan Navazande Eshghi
Location: from and located in Otaghour Langroud
Instruments: Daf, Naqareh, Timpani Drum, Tambourine, Tombak
Singer of folklore song of Gilan

Hossein Meshkin Lish

Sorna, Labak, Violon

Location: from and located in a countryside called “Lish Siahkol
Instruments: Violin, Sorna, Nailabak
His master was Abrar Khoshkhan.