Master Safar-Ali Ramezani

Kamanche, Singer, Music Researcher

Date of birth: 1347/5/19
Education: studied two years program of Art at a university
Activities: Retired local education authority,
Instruments maker: making Setar, Tanbour, kamancheh, local instruments of Gilan province, Kareb, Naqareh, Nailabak, Kamancheh with 5 strings
Other professions: Music researcher, Kamancheh Player, Songwriter,Singer, Poet

Master Mohamad Reza Navazande Eshghi

Zarb, Dayere, Tempo, Daf, Naghare

Son of master Azizkhan Navazande Eshghi
Location: from and located in Otaghour Langroud
Instruments: Daf, Naqareh, Timpani Drum, Tambourine, Tombak
Singer of folklore song of Gilan

Hossein Meshkin Lish

Sorna, Labak, Violon

Location: from and located in a countryside called “Lish Siahkol
Instruments: Violin, Sorna, Nailabak
His master was Abrar Khoshkhan.

All the cradit of “out of Tehran – Gilan” project belong to the House No.4 and Differntiaart.