Essa Baloch


First, I want to focus on my dad who was a professional pioneer awarded “Doneli” and “tanbourak” player and master from his early teenage. He was the leader of a band with different genres of vocalist, and many other musicians wanted to play with him as a band not any other “Doneli” player. In addition, after my father’ death in an accident in 2011, I’ve been their only preference because they believe in my inherent strengths in playing this instrument. “Zobaideh Azadi” is the only woman in his band who has been working with him for more than 20 years. Now, she still prefers to work with me “Easa”.

My dad taught me how to play this instrument carefully and made a lot of endeavors to learn. He insisted on keeping the right way of playing it alive. Further, I turned to be his messenger. I’ve got the first place in all of the five Festivals I’ve participated in.

Davood Bamery

Davood Bamery


Born in 1988 in Iranshahr, I started playing music at the age of eight with my master Mashaallah Bamri, who was my father.

When my father died, I started singing. I have been singing for ten years now and I play Tanboorag and singing  in the Avae Del Iranshahr group.